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Originally from Edmonton, Alberta (Canada), Christina Battle is currently based in Denver, Colorado. Her works are often inspired by the role of non-official archives, our notions of evidence and explore themes of history and counter-memory, political mythology and environmental catastrophe. She has exhibited internationally in festivals and galleries including: The Images Festival (Toronto), The London Film Festival (London, England); The Toronto International Film Festival (wavelengths); the Festival du Nouveau Cinema (Montreal); The International Film Festival Rotterdam (The Netherlands); the Jihlava Documentary Festival (Czech Republic); the 2006 Whitney Biennial: “Day for Night” (New York); YYZ Artists’ Outlet (Toronto); White Box (New York); Deluge Contemporary Art (Victoria, BC), The Foreman Art Gallery (Sherbrooke, QC); MCA Denver; the Aspen Art Museum; Gallery 44 (Toronto); and the Ryerson Image Centre (Toronto).
Christina is a contributing editor to INCITE Journal of Experimental Media and a co-curator & organizer of the media arts exhibition series Nothing To See Here in Denver.

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other things:
Nothing To See Here

selected written things about my work:
What Will Be (pdf)- A review of dearfield, colorado's exhibition at Gallery 44 in Toronto by Daniella E. Sanader - BlackFlash Magazine 31.3 Fall 2014

"Questions for a Hillside" By Meg Walker (pdf) Exhibition Essay for the space between here and there (the yukon river) at the ODD Gallery.

NOW Magazine Toronto Nature’s fury: What Was Will Be probes communities’ experience of natural disasters review of the dearfield, colorado exhibition at Gallery 44 By Fran Schechter.

“What Was Will Be And Yellow Font Forest Green,” curatorial essay accompanying exhibition at Gallery 44 by Caoimhe Morgan-Feir, 2014

Canadian Art Magazine Online “Photo-Art Show Takes on Topsy-Turvy Weather” review of thedearfield, colorado exhibition at Gallery 44 By Leah Sandals, 2014 “Christina Battle & Kristie MacDonald: What Was Will Be” review of dearfield, colorado exhibition at Gallery 44 by Shellie Zhang, 2014

C Magazine "Investigating the Unexplained" interview with Clint Enns, Issue 120 "Surveillance," December 2013

Blouin Artinfo Canada online, “Video Artist Christina Battle Finds Nothing on the News at TUFF” review of we’re not exactly sure what just happened by Mark Mann, 2013

Cinema Scope online, “Between the Walls: Images Festival 2013” Review of 'The Twelve Devil’s Graveyards Around the World’ (was titled fog vortex) exhibition at the Images Festival 2013 by Michael Sicinski, 2013

Christina Battle: Filing Memory - Catalogue of an exhibition held at the Foreman Art Gallery of Bishop's University, from September 15 - December 10, 2010. With texts by: Vicky Chainey Gagnon, Shawn Malley, Andréa Picard

Electrified Air and Restless Skies - A review of dearfield, colorado's opening exhibition at MCA Denver in Art & Shadows - by Meredith Tromble, 2012

Canadian Art online, “Ryerson Image Centre Sheds Light on Photo’s Role” Review of group exhibition including Archived Disasters [The Evidence] I.Bridge Collapse II. Unexplained Lights in Skies III. Sightings of Unknown Creature By David Balzer, 2012

Filing Memory (2010) curatorial text by Vicky Chainey Gagnon (PDF)

Strategies of the Medium V, “Dreaming in 35mm” (link to PDF) – curatorial essay & publication accompanying Go Big or Go Home exhibition by Larissa Fan, LIFT 2010

Strategies of the Medium II, “The Transformative Potential of Optical
(link to PDF) - curatorial essay & publication accompanying Printed Light exhibition by Chris Gehman, LIFT 2009

“Strangers in a Strange Land: Christina Battle’s Pirates”, Jon Davies 2008 (PDF)

“Christina Battle’s Alchemy”, Janine Marchessault 2007 (PDF)
from CFMDC's Artist's Spotlight DVD series


selected written things by me:
INCITE! Journal of Experimental Media, contributing artist project: “DIY Screening Checklist,” 2013

“Everything you Read and See Just Might be a Lie AKA Don’t Believe a Word I Say (A Series of Proofs),” (PDF) [a response to Erina Duganne's 'Family Folktales: Carrie Mae Weems, Allan Sekula, and the Critique of Documentary Photography'] English Language Notes 50.1 Spring/Summer 2012, The Shape of the I: A Double Issue edited by Julie Carr & John-Michael Rivera.

Words at Issue - Public Journal 44: Experimental Media - Edited by Peggy Gale - Fall 2011

Recalling the International Experimental Media Congress of 2010 - INCITE Journal of Experimental Media, 2011

some other things:

we know you are watching - a screening by Nothing to See Here - Sunday, June 22, 2014 at Buntport Theater in Denver. watch the trailer!

Grim New World - a screening by Nothing to See Here - Saturday, May 24, 2014 at the Sidewinder in Denver. watch the trailer!

LOUD!!! a screening by Nothing to See Here - Saturday, April 5, 2014 at the Sidewinder in Denver

the tv is with us. Febrary 22, 2014 @ the Sidewinder. see the trailer! read about the program! learn how to disrupt tv signals yourself!

wandering through, across and within - a program of short artist videos - screened at: Counterpath Press in Denver - August 30, 2013; WNDX Festival of Moving Image in Winnipeg - September, 2013; and Antimatter [Media Art] in Victoria - October 19, 2013

O BONY ORBIT co-curated with Jeanne Liotta - a program of short video works as part of The Shape of the "I": A National Conference put on by English Language Notes.

17 hours of darkness ( it approaches in the wind) - II for Counterpath Press
- November 2011

17 hours of darkness (reflections on this place I call home) - I for Light Industry - January 2009

The League (PDF) (with Sara MacLean, Julie Saragosa & Michele Stanley - 2000-2003)